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  • jeeper rant

    I found this link of an open letter from a jeeper to a ricer

    its funny
    censored for having an opinion

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    Sorry, my attention span does'nt allow me to read that much, but it does seem intersting. I like this part
    What really gets me, though, is with the abundance of similarly craptastic hondas out there, why do you want to race me? The way I figure it, you want to race everything in sight. My Jeep has less than 200 horsepower and the aerodynamics of a barn.
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      Originally posted by blackZZR
      I found this link of an open letter from a jeeper to a ricer

      its funny
      ooo, that's classic. I like it.
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        Hahaha. I work with a guy who has a pretty nice Honda Prelude. He's so not like that, so I showed him this article and he was laughing so hard.

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          Luckily, in our neck of the woods ricers are far less common than they are on the other side of the mountains. They used to pull that nonsense with Sandy, but after they get beat by a woman driving a car with child safety seats and Scooby-doo sunshades tehy pretty much give up In the jeep just eye their civic (they almost always drive civics) the way you would eye a boulder on the trail. They get the message the you might not be able to drive faster than them, but you are able to drive OVER them
          It's not the size of your tire, it's how you place it!

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            Common rivalry, propagated much too often by the 'net. I get the same thing on my weapons BBS (gee - you carry a 1911 - do you remember WWII?), and we get the S2000 crowd on the Porsche Boxster BBS all the time (all you have to do to get them to go away is ask what the part number for the optional "Factory Torque" is, they leave in a hurry).

            It's always been there, just the WWW brings it into our living room daily. Most of the time it's good natured (like when I harass all you Bic pen spring TJ's).

            Something I learned back in my go fast days (mid 70's) - there is ALWAYS somebody out there in a faster car - and the more of a wise ass you are, the better the chances it's going to be someone that you'll be embarassed in front of all your friends when you lose.......
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