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    well a few friends and my self went out riding motor cycles on sunday we headed out to slash x cafe which is between Barstow and lucern valley , we pull up there and there is Huell Howsner of California gold tv show he was doing a piece on slash x it was pretty cool we got interviewed and then later talked to him off camara , . he deffinitly picked a good day to go out there cause there was a good crowd . it is suppose to be on tv '
    april 26 and may 12 hopefully i will be on tv how bitchen that would be
    would only be better if i was wearing a MJR t shirt so sorry rick and sara
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    that is cool!
    that is actuall a pretty cool show. i have seen it a few times, and enjoyed it.

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      As much as I like to make fun of that show (Hey Louie, come over!) it does highlight some very cool places in ca to check out.

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        Hey!! We're all in the second degree of Huell Howsner!! Woohoo! Congrats James, can I get your autograph? I forgot to ask yesterday
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          Someone be sure to get a clip for the archive, cool show. A grand Califorina it is.

          Cheers, B&T TJ


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            I really like that show. Infact Huell Howsner does some cool stuff. It may be corny and very g rated, but that makes it all the better. He has the rare ability to pull interesting stuff from the interviewies. I am personally jealous, I would love to take to that man off camera for a few minutes.
            We need video. I am marking my calender to watch PBS on the 26th.
            My wife an I have decided to visit each of the Ca Missions after watching a series he did on the them. He really is interesting.
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