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A bad night out...


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  • A bad night out...

    Well, it was bound to happen. Note to anyone that doesnt know... driving at night with Night Vision Goggles NOT recommended in well lit areas. As life would have it... that's what this particular mission required. But does anybody listen to me??? NOOOOO....

    The result?

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      Those are so cool pics! Hope no one was hurt.

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        Holy crapmonkeys... How fast was that thing going when it hit the hole? Did it rip the front arm completely off? That's what it looks like anyways...
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          All I can say is :oops: Hope no one was hurt.
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            woo doggy, I hope everyone was allright. I guess that one wins this years

            "opps I think that broke something" award hands down

            Please post a pic of the guys who were in it next to it at daylight, we want to know they are okay
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              Whoa... that's out of control.

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                Oh crap, shoulda posted that part... Nobody was hurt at all... some equipment went floating down the irrigation ditch, but we caught it in time. One guys sleeping bag was a sopping mess, that's about the worst of it. The gearbox at the wheel was ripped off the lower ball joint. The upper ball joint held but the upper a-arm is twisted up something fierce. All that held the tire on during towing was the upperball joint, the half-shaft and the brake line. The driver was blinded during travel by a houselight as we passed this ditch, we were only doing about 15mph. But it's a deep ditch as you can see. We ponied two trucks together and had to drag is out that way. There are a couple more pics of the damage at:

                Talk to you later! I'll try to get more "wheeling" pics as the opportunity arises.
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