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I'm back....Sorta.


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  • I'm back....Sorta.

    Hey everyone, I've returned to 21st century. I've been offline the last two months not because I've gotten too good for everyone, but because I've been sans computer. Our computer didn't like our new ISP and refuses to connect properly. It's been really low on our list of priorities for fixing so we're only just now getting around to it. (still not fixed, I'm borrowing a friend's)

    Okay, quick update for youse guys.

    -No baby, yet. She's getting pretty big, though. We're still waiting to find out the gender.

    -Trip went great, no problems at all. Truck handled towing like a dream. Both my Jeeps ROCK!!!

    -No firefighting job, yet. Still working on it. Got some tests coming up in April and June that look very promising.

    That's pretty much all the new stuff that you guys might care about.
    I'm a Daddy!!

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    Welcome back Mikey! We were getting a bit worried about ya!

    Glad to hear things went well on the trip, and that you and Kendra have settled in. Keep us posted on the baby...when was your guys' do date again...Mid May?

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      Nice to hear from ya stranger! So how is the weather up there? Cold?


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        good to hear from you mikey!
        i hope everything works out well for you guys.

        95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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          Welcome back. Glad to hear things are looking good for you.

          I fix things.


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            Welcome back and good luck on the delivery!
            Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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              Welcome back glad to hear from you, when do we get to come and visit?
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                Hey Mikey, where in Washington State are you? My aunt and uncle live in Neilton. My family and I will be up that way in June.
                Congrats on the upcoming baby!! Ours is 6 mos old now.
                1993 Wrangler Black, 4" ProComp Lift, 33s.
                Glad to be back in California!


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                  Glad to hear your donig OK Mikey. We miss you out here. Take Care.


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                    Mikey, glad to hear you've moved up here. We need to go wheeling some time.

                    If you keep having problems with your ISP, let me know, I might be able to hook you up (being that I work for an ISP and all ;-)).