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Which Mapping GPS?


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  • Which Mapping GPS?

    I'm thinking of getting a mapping GPS. I'd like a hand held that has some memory capacity. Color Screen and ease of use are key features. What are you folks using and why? I'd like to be able to use it for geocaching and in my jeep and dune buggy.

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    I really like my GarminV. Theyre at a good price of around $245. It would be way nicer if it had more memory. The screen is a nice size, and unfortunately, it seems the ones that are a bit more expensive with a bit more memory, have smaller screens.

    I was kinda eyeing the Garmin Quest for my parents, has them for $469. You have to add it to the cart to see the price. About the same size screen as the GarminV, but in color with more memory.


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      I moved this thread. All threads created in the Trail Rides forum show up as calendar events on the homepage, so I figured this might be the next-best place.

      We use the eTrex vista. Here is our review
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        I bought this one a few months ago and happy with it so far No color screen but for me it was the price and at the time there was a $50 rebate, my first GPS. It is a maping unit and the memory's not to bad, I traveled over 700 miles constantly tracking and only used up maybe 75%.

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