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My lil girl helped me sunday


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  • My lil girl helped me sunday

    So my wife and I are mildly going nuts with the newborn and our 2 year old.
    I'm aching to work on my Jeep so sunday I get this great idea that my lil girl can climb around in the jeep while I recheck my torque specs on my hub conversion, put the soft top back on, and just tweak on my jeep for a while. At first she's doing good having fun just sitting there then she starts to climb around and I see I need to keep an eye on her because she's starting to stand on my steering wheel becoming a lil daredevil. Then in the corner on my eye I see her messing with my rearview mirror. What I don't catch in time is her hanging by it, then "pop", she falls to the floorboard with the mirror in her hand. At first I'm concerned with her safety but then I feel my eyebrows coming down. Then she hands me the mirror and in the cutest little 2 year old voice she says "Here you go Daddy". I had to laugh.
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    tooo cute...<melt>

    Give her time and she'll be out there "really" helping you. My daughter and I did my body lift...she was 11.

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      Originally posted by paulhead
      ... "Here you go Daddy". ...
      olllllllo <--- If you can read that, roll me over!

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        I had a similiar incident with my now 4 year old son. I was cleaning out the inside of the jeep after a trail run. He was sitting on the open center console and leaning back. Pop goes the hinges.

        Now that he is four he is an actual help. When i ask for the socket or the wrench he hands me the right one. Last time I changed the oil I let him screw in the drain plug with the socket. He did a good job of it. I only had to tighten it about a half turn.
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          Had that issue with my son (now 18) when he was a toddler. He was "helping" me put the transfer case back in a SBC FJ-40 Landcruiser I had at the time. Asked him for the torque wrench (which he'd successfully handed me several times already). No answer. Ask again - no answer. Start sliding out from under the rig to get the ^%$! wrench for myself.

          He winds up and takes a full swing into my lower back...............

          Still hurts - but only when I laugh
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            Our 3 year old likes to "help" daddy outside also. Put him up inside the Jeep and he starts blowing the horn. It's getting them to help inside the house that's the problem (i.e. pick up your toys).
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