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Tivo Price Driving me Nuts


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  • Tivo Price Driving me Nuts

    OK, so I broke down and bought a 60" HDTV...

    I have been a DirecTV subscriber for over 3 years, having left Dish Network due to horrible customer service.

    I have also had a DirectTV/Tivo system for over two years and can't see myself living without a DVR.

    So of course i price the new DirecTivo systems with HD compatibility.... $1000 bucks... I paid $100 two years ago for a Tivo system. When you consider that the useful life of this technology is roughly 3 years before it will need replacing due to newer technology, that works out to $27.77 over 3 years. That doesn't even include the monthly or lifetime Tivo service fees.

    So I look at Dish Networks offering. If I sign up for service i can get an HD DVR for $4.95 a month (on top of normal Dish service fees which are comparible with DirecTV). Over three years that is $178.20. That is a difference of over $800!!!!

    Of course I don't want to go back to Dish Network, having been burned before, but damn, I am not spending $1000 on a cheap computer system with a GNU licensed OS.

    I could build a DVR myself for cheaper, but the wife would need to be able to use it, and she likes the ease of the Tivo system (should have seen her freak when i switched my PC to Linux about 5 years ago.)

    OK my rant is done now... thanks for listening.

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    Does this help?

    It only supports OTA HDTV though. You might have to go to component capture to do HD recording with a sat system.
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      We thought about dealing with all of that mess but then also had severe sticker-shock. We seem to be in the garage, Jeep, or online more of the time anyway.

      I'm sure if I understood it better, I would be interested in the card/thing/hoopajoo that lets your regualr computer record a show to a hard drive, which is how the Media Center works I guess.
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        Originally posted by sarah



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          funny thing is that I left Direct Tv because of their lousy customer service, guess you can never win
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            You have to think about this tho... TiVo does ZNOT control the what goes on the DTIVO boxes. The software is outdated because DirecTV has basically leased the rights to put to it on their boxes. The DTivo boxes do not EVER contact the TiVo site. They deal only with the DirecTV link.

            Errmm.. so what I'm saying, is don't bash TiVo if you want a DTivo box.. it's not their doing.

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