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The weekend from hell


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  • The weekend from hell

    So the Thursday before New Years I'm out walking my dogs with my son Justin when some guys Chow comes out of the fence and attacks my dog. A few puncture wounds later we get home and I put in a call to the vet, they're closed for the holiday. The guy said that he'd take care of the bill, and rather then have it an emergency call I decide to wait until the Monday afterward since I was off. I told the guy that since he was being cool that I wouldn't bother reporting this, and that we'd handle it like adults between us.

    Monday finds me doing better then I thought, the total was only $265 which I pay and then later I drop a copy of the bill off with the guys wife on the 5th or 6th. With no word from him I stop by on the 11th and he tells me that some friend of his who is a vet told him that a bunch of the stuff wasn't needed, etc, etc. and his friend the lawyer told him that he'd only be responsible for like $80 of it. Now I sense trouble coming and wish I'd called the cops that day. We go back and forth with my wife Samantha getting in the guys face (for those that don't know she's 5'2") and it's getting ugly. I end it with telling him that he needs to do a hell of a lot better, and that if he's broke I'll even take payments. He promises to call us on the 12th after talking it over with his wife.

    The 14th comes around without word from the jack ass, so a call goes in to the AFB housing office for a vicious dog complaint (which he assured me would go nowhere since this was the first time his dog attacked anything. LOL). The following day the guy shows up with a check for $74 and some little letter that he wrote explaining what parts of the bill he's paying for. Say's that this is all he's going to pay. We had to go to the vet for other stuff, and ran in to an Animal Control officer. Sam has a chat with them, and they take a report and statement, they'll be talking to the guy.

    Now it's Sunday (2 days ago) and I'm woke up with a call from the guy asking if I'd cashed the check. When I told him no he said that he wanted to drop by with another check and I tell him to come on over. He show's up while I'm watching the game, so Sam goes to the door and talks to him. Things were getting heated so I shut off the game and headed toward the door just as he tells Sam that he didn't want to keep getting confrontational with a woman, and asked to speak to me.

    I get to the door and talk to him through the screen. He tells me that he's having to pay $100 per dog for his 2 dogs since they're not licensed here, so I asked what became of him being so smug over 'nothing will happen' to which he says nothing. He goes in to some long argument about the mistreatment of my dog by our vet, and I shoot down everything he says one by one. I.E. that only bones can be seen in an X-ray, so they weren't needed. That an injection of penicillin wasn't needed, and that the pain killer that was prescribed is because my dog is old and has arthritis. I thought that Sam was going through the door at him when he offered to pay the $180 to have our dog put down 'since he's so old' (dumb thing to say in front of her). I even questioned his IQ since he's "a medic" in the USAF and told me that penicillin and amoxicillin were pain killers when we'd talked before. The conversation ended with me telling him that this was now between me and him, Animal Control and him, the base housing office (who will boot him out) and him, and his Colonel and him. It was either the whole $265 or court I told him. He turned to leave and I shut the door thinking the matter was done.

    30 seconds later the doorbell rings and it's him. He tells me that if he has to come back and deal with this that he wanted to talk to me instead of "your b-i-t-c-h a-s-s wife" and it was on. Sam grabbed me to stop me from going out the door (fat chance) and the guy back peddled about 4 steps. When he saw that I was still walking toward him he turned to walk away at a brisk pace, so I told him that he was going to turn back around and talk to me. I got to within 1-1.5' of him and he ran out of room to back up. I told him that he was going to apologize, so he started to babble to me. I told him that he was going to apologize to Sam, and moved about 1/2' closer to him. He looked past me to apologize, called her the wrong name, but that was okay.
    At this point his lower lip wouldn't stop quivering, but he stood up to his whole height and tried to be brave. He told me that he'd be mad too if somebody did what he just did, and apologized again. I told him that if he ever came back to my house and spoke to Sam in that way again that I'd hurt him. I went further to explain that an aggravated assault charge would cost me like $270, and that it would be worth the satisfaction. At this point he was EXTREMELY shaken, so I back up to give him room to leave.

    As he's leaving he turns and tells us that if he has to get rid of his dog over this (his wife already hates that dog) that 'it isn't over between us and I'll be back to get you"
    Enough of this shit, time to call in the base cops this time. They take our statements, call in every top guy (enlisted and officer) they know of, contact the JAG to advise that they're taking the guy in to custody, and give us a 'do not contact' order to avoid the guy.

    So over a lousy $200 the guy has 2 articles under military law against him that are punishable, will more then likely be evicted from the base and have to shell out $300-500 a month to have a place to live unless he goes for the projects, had his 1st SGT called in to talk to him on Sunday, his Colonel getting in on the action, whatever the Animal Control opts to do which could involve putting his dog down at his expense (that same $180), an up coming call from the Military Equal Opportunity office over his treatment of a Sam and his belittling her since she was just a woman (write up and training classes for the issue), and I'll be starting a civil case against him for the money.

    He's a retard.

    Then as if that wasn't enough I took the RV out for it's first road test and the damned body work I've spent the last year working on cracked so it's headed to the body shop now, and at the end of the night on Monday I got a horrible noise out of the rear of the Jeep and a click click click for the rest of the drive home coming from my rear axle so I have to take it apart now.

    Enough excitement already!!!
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    (do we have that smiley? edit- yes we do )

    i'm impressed that you were able to keep your cool in the face of repeated threats and verbal abuse. just make sure you don't end up in jail with him


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      Naw, short of him raising a hand to Sam he was going to walk out of this untouched unless he was dumb enough to swing on me.
      I got your jeep thing, now it burns when I pee


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        that guy is a dumb ass! when your dog bites something, you pay.. dont bicker, just pay.

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          You have more patience than I do. I would have been knee deep in his arse. Anyone that has met me knows I am tall, so that would have been a bad day for him .

          I guess you did the right thing though. I was in the Marines. I know what it is like having to deal with the base command and the classes you have to go through when you beat someone. (don't ask me how I know)

          Good for you. That guy sounds like a dumbass!!!!!

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            My husband would say, "Tom's number 1 rule is in effect". "People are fundamentally stupid!"

            The guy should have paid the bill and none of this would have happened.
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              Is it a really violent "click click click" one that you can feel through the whole truck? because I just had my truck fixed for that (yes i finally have a truck and by that I do mean truck). I chipped a tooth off my gears wich kept spinning all the way back to my house (5 miles) threw out all the bearings and one of the bearings grinded away at my carrier. damn thing cost me $830 for new gears, carrier, bearings and they said that they replaced the posi. this was a week ago and it has been flawless since. good luck with your rig
              those arent scratches and dents those are accent marks...