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  • Sully's vacation

    Sully's been way down south for christmas and new years. Argentina to be more specific. Flew out to Buenos Aires on the 17th and stayed till the 25th. While there for a few days I visited with some family and fun stuff like that. Bought some fireworks, some big one's! Man these things were sweet and cheap! U.S. dollars are worth 3x's as much as pesos! Anyways Buenos Aires was lots of fun and I cant wait to come back.

    On the 25th hopped on a plain and headed further south to a little place called bariloche! Bariloche was so so cool. Mountains in the backround with a little bit of snow on top. Cool air but nice for shorts and a t-shirt. The lake was butt cold at about 50 degrees F. Got a little wake boarding in and of course some jeeping! Meant to rent a van cause I got a rather large family but they had none so they gave us a red jeep. Of course had to take it to the mountains at least once! So I did.

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    Took a little road that winded up the mountain. Nothing wild but it was narrow at some spots and got rutted out near the top. Got some nice pictures on the way up the mountain. Came to a spot where there was a 180 degree turn and the trail was hillside on the left and steep slope off to the right. Decided that I would turn around from here and just be happy I got so far. Turned around and got down the mountain. Saw a beach along the lake and just had to hit it up! There were a few little pools of water and my curiousity took over. "Just how deep is it? Lets find out!" Hit it along the edge the first time and I wanted something more. Entered the pool from the deep end too fast and the front end dropped and I saw watter coming over the hood. Reaction, punch it! Had the windows down and I got soaked. Water litterally poured in on me! It was sweet! headed on back to where my family was staying for the night and relaxed te rest of the time.


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      Onto new years eve, my cousins had a party to close out 04'. The best new years yet! We had some champagne and lamb cooked over an open fire. The best meal of the trip by far! Music playing in the backround and everyone having a good time. 05' comes around and wahoo! Clear out the furniture and everyone starts dancing. Music cranked up and we all hung around for a few hours. I was pooped and settled into bed around 5.

      The next few days I slept in and sat out in the sun enjoying the view and my vacation. Lazed around and ate tons of meat and has tons of fun in the process. But all things must come to an end sometime, so packed up my junk and got on a plain for home.


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        WOW! Nice vacation and welcome back, I'm sure you missed you Jeep having to drive that huge red thing.

        Cheers, B&T TJ


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          Wow! Sweet pics! How beautiful, the scenery too
          :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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            VERY cool pics...thanks for sharing!
            2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
            Rock-ItMan all the way around


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              Looks like fun!!

              Hey huge red things are cool!
              Ya Savvy?

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