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  • Axle changes

    So some of you may remeber a few months back I was looking at changing out the carrier (to an ARB) and R&P in the D30. I was looking for someone to help me with the R&P.

    Well I decided to wait.... and my patience paid off.

    I have had the D44 with an ARB and 4:56 sitting in my garage for months now. I finally found someone selling a full D30 with 4:56 in it.... and an OX Locker!!!!

    So now when I roll down the trail I can start my own beat.... if the OX clicks, and the ARB goes pssst... I was thinking something like click pssst click pssst click click pssst ad nauseam.

    The true beauty of this is that I will get to run with two of the top selectable lockers out there and decide what I want to put in my D60s when that day comes.
    2001 Yellow TJ - Full Traction 4" Short Arm - 4X Dr. Rocker Guards w/ scrapes - Kargo Master Rack - Dana 44 with ARB and Dana 30 w/Ox (4.56)

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    I have the OX up front in my D30. The thing works great, shift on shift off that simple and I still have the advantages of an open diff. (factory imited slip rear D44). Good timing always pays off, congrats.

    B&T TJ