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    I know that some of you have seen this elsewhere...but here it is in its entirety:

    Chrysler offers first look at two 2005 Detroit show concepts

    Posted Date: 11/16/04

    Chrysler will likely turn up at the 2005 Detroit show with more concepts up its sleeve, but for now it has revealed two design studies that could pave the way for the return of a Jeep pickup truck and a Viper-based Corvette fighter.

    The Gladiator draws power from a 163-hp version of the 2.8-liter common rail turbo-diesel I4 engine now available in the Liberty.

    The Jeep Gladiator marks the resurrection of a Jeep pickup nameplate not heard from since the 1960s, and a body-style absent from the company’s lineup since the death of the ’80s-era Comanche.

    The Gladiator is built on a unique platform but takes the simple style trail to strongly resemble the production Renegade. Senior vice president for design Trevor Creed says to expect “a lot in a short time? from Jeep’s corner of the DaimlerChrysler universe, and while DC officials deny the Gladiator is intended for production (natch), Creed’s statement, along with the development of a new platform and the Gladiator’s subdued familial cues, imply a production version might very well be on the cards.

    The Gladiator draws power from a 163-hp version of the 2.8-liter common rail turbo-diesel I4 engine now available in the Liberty, with torque rated at a strong 295 lb-ft. Part-time four-wheel-drive is transferred to the wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox. Other trick features include a rear-seat access hatch on the driver’s side, a full passenger-side rear door, drop-down rear glass and an expandable cargo bed.

    In normal configuration, the bed measures 5 feet 6 inches long; with a simple manual process, the rear seat slides beneath the bed and the entire rear bulkhead slides along rails forward into the cab to grow the bed to 8 feet. The Gladiator also features a canvas top similar to the Renegade’s, which may be folded back partially for a sun-roof effect, or removed completely.
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    That's cool!
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      I don't think the grill fits in with the design. Seems like it needs to be beefier or something, but that's still cool. Concepts rock!
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        It could use a lift and bigger tires, but other than that, IT ROCKS!!! At first, I thought I was looking at our friend's Willy's Pick Up. I want one!!!! When I win the lottery.
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          Has any one else seen the Brute? What is this thing going to be? I thought the Brute looked good but it lacked the extended cab model. oh well this thing still looks pretty good
          those arent scratches and dents those are accent marks...