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  • Ultrasound pics

    See if you can spot the baby. There's a lot of features in these pics, but they're kinda hard to see. In all the pictures the baby is laying on his/her back with the head to the right.

    In this pic you can see some facial features clearly, but the best part for us were the strange floating images in the middle of the black spot. On the screen at the doc's those were clearly moving feet.

    This one shows the digital doppler of the heartbeat. It's still kinda early to hear the heartbeat on most pregnancies so it was really cool for us to hear it. It's really hard to see on this one, but if you look carefully you can see individual toes in the sonogram image. Not really proper toes, more like toe nubs, but they're evidence of developmental stage and really cool.

    This one shows the heart (and the heartbeat on the live image). If you find the baby, follow the head down to just below the chin. The darker spot in the middle of the chest is the heart. On the live image it looks incredible to see it beat, and its so fast (between 130-150 beats per minute)

    Sorry if it's not really clear to you guys, this is easily the coolest thing that's ever happened to me and I just wanted to share my excitement. I'm sure you understand.
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    what am I looking at?
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      Congrats Mikey!!! The images are great!!! Do you plan on finding out the gender? And how far along?
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        Very cool Mikey and Kendra! Whens the adjusted due date?

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