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  • California Permits

    I've just about had my feel of the cost of Living in California. Last week my Mother inlaw pasted away. She was a simple woman with little needs. She didn't want to inconvenience anyone. She asked Her children to come out so she could visit with them one last time, while she had all her wits about her. And they came. It was good to see all of them together, as they are not really close.

    But no California has to get studip. Has anybody ever heard of a Cremation Permit.

    Thats right a *@##! permit. Oh did I mention the fact that if and when we leave the Great wonderful State we have to get a permit then too. Just so she can go with us.

    When is enough, ENOUGH!

    We should have just done what Grandma wanted.

    Stick a bone in her #$$
    let the dogs drag her off.
    [COLOR=Red]Semper Fi[/COLOR]
    In Loving Memory of My Daughter

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    that figures. i'll have to add that to my list of "other reasons besides wheelin' why california rocks"
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