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    how do i get something to come up on a search engine?
    as many of you know, i am selling these ready welders. how would i get my site to pop up whenever someone is looking for a ready welder?
    i am new to this whole web site thing, and have no idea how to do this. of course, i would prefer it to be a free thing
    thanks for any help!

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      There are several ways.

      Cheap ways and expensive ways.

      This is the Google search for ReadyWelder

      For Google, the expensive way is to pay for a sponsored link which will appear on the right side of the search results.

      The cheap way is Google-bombing. This is a way of manipulating the PageRank system to bring your page to the top. Pagerank works by tallying up the number of pages that contain the word "readywelder" and link to your site. The more pages with "readywelder" pointing to your site results in a higher PageRank score.

      Therefore, if you create a whole bunch of pages on different domains with the word "readywelder" and point them to your webpage, then you will gain a higher PageRank. was widely used for this sort of Googlebombing as Google automatically indexed all those pages when Google bought Blogger out.

      Try these interesting Googlebombs by entering them on Google and press "I'm feeling lucky", which takes you to the top listing:

      great president
      french military victories
      weapons of mass destruction

      hope you find this slightly pedantic suggestion interesting.
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