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Need some R&P help/education in So. Cal.


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  • Need some R&P help/education in So. Cal.

    I am by no means mechnically ignorant. I do all my own maintenance on my TJ, oil, auto tranny, diff lube etc...

    I have installed my own lift kit... twice! replaced steering components when the rocks won...

    now I have purchased a new axle. I got a great deal from a really cool guy in CO on a D-44 with 4.56 and an ARB in it ($1200 shipped woo-hoo )

    my front end is a D-30 of course, with woefully inadequte 3.55 gearing. I need to upgrade the D-30 to 4.56 to match the rear-end I am putting in.

    I have done some research on this and I know that I need a new carrier in the front which I can source pretty cheap, I can also get a good R&P pretty cheap.

    The sad part is everywhere I go they want $350, or $400 or even $500 bucks to install this stuff.

    I want to do this myself and I want to know how to do this myself should a trail repair ever be needed. I have never worked with R&P or carriers before, but I know that effing this part up can be disaterous.

    So I am looking to my fellow jeepers for a little help. If you are in So. Cal. and are experienced in working with carriers and R&P, I am offering $150 cash, plus a case of good beer to work with me on this. I want to know how to do this, so I am not asking you to do all the work. I am asking you to be my guide and teach me all about it.

    I live in Riverside, CA, and am available on Saturdays and Sundays. I am willing to drive a few hours for this education, or I can do it in my garage with you, and my tools, it's up to you. If this sounds like something you would like to do shoot me a message and we can exchange info.

    2001 Yellow TJ - Full Traction 4" Short Arm - 4X Dr. Rocker Guards w/ scrapes - Kargo Master Rack - Dana 44 with ARB and Dana 30 w/Ox (4.56)

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    check out
    i'll bet he can help you for a better price on those gears.
    from what i understand as far as installing gears, you need to have a pretty good selection of tools to do this. in most cases it is not worth investing the chunk of money you would need on tools.
    i went back and forth on this decision myself when i got my gears done... decided to have jim at jc fab do them.


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      see if peteyg here on the board can help you.

      He has a shop down here in Temecula specializing in Jeep stuff His card says Off road suspension and gears

      Professional Auto Works
      Pete Griffith

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