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    I was really disappointed with the event and have let DCX know this. It was nothing better than organized chaos. I hooked up with some cops from East Lansing, MI that knew the area, so we hit the local trails and stayed away from the camp after the first day. Some things that disturbed me about the whole event:

    -Mopar and Jeep were housed in the same tent. Their merchandise was mixed in with one another. Very hard to find anything.
    -DCX did not bring stock for the store due to declining sales. The store was damn near empty after the first day. The selection of items was VERY limited.
    -Michelle Branch was the musical guest because DCX effed up the contract with the Counting Crows. WTF is Michelle Branch?!? Anyway, she couldn't even get her band to come to the event so it was a solo acoustic show and was very depressing.
    -Trail Rides. Good luck getting one. I stood in line an hour before giving up. At least the local mountain trails were challenging.
    -VIP campers. I didn't buy the VIP package, but they didn't get anything more than the regular campers. I feel sorry for those guys.

    On the bright side, there were some cool freebies that people were giving out. The weather was great up thru Saturday afternoon when it started raining.

    I will not pay to go to this event again. I'll probably go next year and hit the local trails with some of the people that I met, but I won't be going to the camp. I expected something a bit more grandiose being the 10th year anniversary. This being my first Camp Jeep, I can't really compare. Those that I talked to who had attended them in the past, were really disappointed.

    Not to be so negative... those are just my feelings of the event.

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    Dang, We'll have to cancel our tix to the CA event, oops, we forgot to buy them! LOL
    That does suck though, and that's pretty dissappointing. However you spell that.
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      Thats a shame...I went a few years back to the one in Missouri and had a great time!

      Lets hope that Californias turns out better.

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        More proof that the Germans are poor stewards of the Jeep name...

        Having said that, I'm a sucker for a party even a crappy one.
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