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stolen laptop?


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  • stolen laptop?

    it seems that a laptop was stolen from ucla medical center with 63,000 peoples information on it including ss numbers...
    what the hell are they thinking, making this type of information so easily stolen?
    how do i know this? i just got a letter in the mail telling me that my information is part of this theft .
    it really surprises me that they would keep this type of information on a LAPTOP for sooo many people and not have some type of encryption that would make it virtually impossible for anyone to use it.
    bummer :mad:

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    completely agreed

    My laptop has alot of personal info on it...but totally encrypted and secure. No way into it. If I forget my pw, Im doomed

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      There are so many oppertunities to "steal" such information that it is just stupid. Colleges are really easy. When I was going, anything I filled out had to have my SSN on it. Everything from appointment slips (which were thrown in the garbage can once the appointment was entered into the computer), grade sheets (which were posted in the hallways), add/drop name it. I had a prof. once that took attendance (community colleges have to take attendance for the first 1/2 of the semester in order to get state $$$) by passing the class roster around the room. Names, SSN's, etc were right there for the taking. It was so bad that many people were pushing for a ballot initiative to require schools to use a "student ID number", which would be completely unrelated to anything outside of that school.

      On that note, how many people are carrying your Social Security Card in your wallet or purse? If you lose your wallet, whoever picks it up will have your name, address, SSN, credit card numbers, etc.. something to think about!
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