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  • A few questions

    I am heading out on a road trip on monday. I was thinking of heading up to Sequoia for a day and then further up to Yosimite. That is not set in stone though. Does anyone have any suggestions for a 4 day trip? I was kinda just gonna throw some stuff in my Jeep and head out. Where ever I ended up is where I end up. Let me know if you know of some cool places that I should go.

    Also, I don't own a digital camera. If I get my film developed and get it on one of those disks, will I be able to post them somewhere?

    Let me know.


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    Sequoia is cool. Get into the woods to camp, though, lots of fire roads you can camp off of. We spent 4 days in Sequoia hitting all the big groves and some of the waterways. Have fun.
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      Plenty of free hosting sites out there for pics.....I use photobucket....but there are plenty of others....

      Sequoia is nice, but will be busy all next week due to the holiday. It will also be hot. I would head for higher elevations, and avoid all the national parks (again, just because of the holiday).
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        Depending on where you have your film developed, some companies will actually host your photos online for you for free a specified amount of time. I know for sure a couple of those mail-in companies will do that - I did a quick Google search for "film developing" and came up with this company called Snapfish. Seems like a pretty good deal!

        As for places to go, if you take 395 up north, there is some neat stuff up there including that one national park -- uh, I always get them mixed up -- there's Mammoth Lakes, and that crazy salt lake they say is a "must-see."
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          Mammoth has got some cool backroads that were great in the winter time with snow. They should be a little easier without but they can be done with a full size suburban so dont worry about not being able to make it or not.


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            Cool!!!!! Cool!!!! Cool!!!! Keep the suggestions coming. I am still up in the air.

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              My mom and brother and daughter were just up that way in June. A few places were still closed. They stayed in Bishop and drove to Yosemite, but didn't make it to Sequoia. They also went to a train museum up there. I forget the places they went to, but they did drive around the lake around Mammoth.
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                Check out On Click Pix

                They have a free trial going on and I have been using it and it works great.
                Phyte (the owner) is also a fellow Jeeper.