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2002 jeep liberty


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  • 2002 jeep liberty


    i just bought a used 2002 jeep liberty with 44,000km. i was wondering if anyone can give me any info on the liberty' they ride, gas, any other info i need to know about driving the vehicle. Thanks
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    welcome to the board, maria.
    i am not familiar with the liberty,... i just wanted to welcome you.
    post up a couple of pics of you and your rig. i'm sure someone will chime in with the info you are looking for

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      Don't know where you are from, but...

      There is a CONUS KJ club, LOST.

      Not much to say about modifications, except get new tires and maybe a small lift if you can.

      I have seen a fairly stock Liberty putzing around the Maze district of the Canyonlands when I was there, but I cannot say for sure if it came down the Flint Trail. Trail conditions were optimal and we heard a lot of undercarriage scraping sounds as it approached our campsite.

      The Missus and I don't care too much for them ourselves, but they can probably go on tougher roads than a Subi Outback can. :yawn:
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