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IE afflicted by keystroke recorder trojan


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  • IE afflicted by keystroke recorder trojan

    CERT recommends going to alternate browser.

    Well, that's the last straw, I'm going to Mozilla and not looking back. I hope MJR is as W3C-compliant as Mozilla.
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    I'm doing all of the testing on Mozilla: Mac

    IE just plain sucks.
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      I use mozilla firefox, I seem to like it a whole lot better. Bill gates can bite me.
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        I'm still sticking to IE but I have noticed that the posts on this site look different now (after the update) I do miss the old layout

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          Speak english.
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            Originally posted by seapahn
            I do miss the old layout
            we'll get it back, eventually
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              Firefox all the way....

              I fix things.


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                thanks for posting this.
                i have been having such a problem with pop ups on ie, it was driving me nuts! i just switched to mozilla from your link. i'll give this a try. so far it seems pretty easy to set up, and navigate... but it seems to open the windows a bit slower. i'm thinking it just needs to get the cookies in order, then it will move a bit faster.
                so far no pop ups though
                i have run the spybot over, and over, and cant get them to stop with the ie.
                hope this works

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                  erik check out your cache too, make sure it's not set to "update every page load."

                  on the mac mozilla is MUCH faster than anything. however i still do use safari for general web browsing.
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