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Please pray for my Dad!


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  • Please pray for my Dad!

    I know I haven't frequented this BB much lately, but am asking for everyone to put my father, Frank Middendorf, in your prayers. He colapsed at 3:30 pm EST after vommiting a lot of blood. He had Quadruple Bi-pass surgery last week & seemed to be recovering well. What I've heard is that he took some pill last night & hasn't felt right ever since. He was airlifted to the hospital after being found by my brother & sister's nurse. He lost almost all of his blood & is still in ICU since he doesn't seem to be holding the blood they are giving him. He is in stable condition and on machines & we won't know anything until he either gets better or doesn't.

    So please keep him in your prayers!


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    Will do man.


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      I can do that
      B R E T T
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        Your Dad and Family is in our prayers...keep us posted Marshall.

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          Ill do that.
          those arent scratches and dents those are accent marks...


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            Thanks for the prayers.

            My father is doing much better. "F" the consulting doctor that told my mother he wouldn't last the night.

            They found that he had an ulser in his Upper intestine that wouldn't stop bleeding after taking a "gout" pill the other night. My mother has that Drug description book & what do you know...everything that happened to my dad was a side effect of taking that pill. We guess that it also became the "straw" that broke the camel's back with the ulser. His bleeding has stopped & they hope that he's off the ventilator tomorrow.

            We joked about the fact if my dad wanted a family reunion so soon, he could have done it differently.

            Thanks again.
            '04 Solar Yellow AEV HEMI Rubicon
            '05 M3 ZCP SG/IR


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              Glad to hear your dad is doing better. He and your family will be in my prayers.
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                glad to hear he is doing better!!!!

                glad I could help
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                  Right on, excellent news. Hope he has a full recovery.
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                    Thanks again...but he's still not out of the woods yet...keep on praying.
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                    '05 M3 ZCP SG/IR