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  • Dumb Dude.

    This picture is real - notdoctored in any way - and was taken by a
    Transportation Supervisor for a company that delivers building materials
    for 84 Lumber. When he saw it in the parking lot of IHOP, he went to
    buy a camera to take pictures.The car is still running, as can be witnessed by the exhaust. A woman is
    either asleep or otherwise out in the front seat passenger side. The driver wasjogging up and down on Rt. 925. (in the background) Witnesses said theirphysical/mental state was OTHER than normal. The driver finally came back afterthe police were called, and was found crouched behind the rear of the car,attempting to cut the twine around the load! Luckily, the police stopped himand had the load removed. The materials were loaded at Home Depot. Their storemanager said they made the customer sign a waiver. While the plywood and 2X4sare fairly obvious, what you can t see is the back seat, which contains -- areyou ready for this? --
    10 bags of concrete @ 80 lbs. each. They estimated the load weight at 3000 lbs.
    Both back tires exploded, thewheels bent and the back shocks were driven through the floorboard. The car,with FLORIDA (naturally !!!) plates, was headed for Clanton, Al. where thecouple presumably planned to build a new house in which to smoke their crack.
    “Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way. ”
    -Gen. George S. Patton Jr.

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    Id seen that picture a long time ago...but never heard the story behind it.

    Thanks for sharing...too funny...

    "See kids, drugs DO make you stupid!"

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      thats hilarious! i have seen the picture before and now that i finally get the story behind it it gets even more funny than it was before.
      those arent scratches and dents those are accent marks...


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        I have never seen that picture before, and it is funny!


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          Remember the saying with the egg and the skillet!!! That comes to mind right now. This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs.
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