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  • Bad Ass dog

    “Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way. ”
    -Gen. George S. Patton Jr.

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    That dog rocks!
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      i saw that guy on the news or some show on tv! funny stuff!
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        You know as impressive as that dog is my neighbor has one that i find even more impressive simply because what he does for tricks aren't anything i've ever seen before.

        Being on a Marine base this dog of course is a Bulldog named "Gunny".
        Gunny has 2 areas of talent.

        His first is his love and ability to chew, fetch and sleep with bolders. I'm not talking large rocks here i'm talking bolders that are double this dogs weight. He uses his whole body sometimes even headbutting these things to get them moving. Odd i know, but just something i've never seen a dog do.

        His second talent is the one i find the funniest. Being named Gunny and being the mascot of the Marines adds some pressure right? Well Gunny is upto the challenge all his commands are Marine terms:

        TAKE COVER!- Gunny drops to all 4, rolls and runs to hide.
        HIT THE DECK!- Gunny drops to all 4, and puts his head down.
        INCOMING!- Gunny drops to all 4, and puts his 2 front paws over his head.
        ATTENTION!- Gunny sits and flares out his chest.
        SALUTE!- Gunny raises his right paw and touches his right temple (this is my favorite trick he does. He does it so well i doubt a drill instructor could hit him on his form or posture during it).
        FALL IN!- Gunny comes to attention at your right side.
        COVER ME!- Gunny gets in front of you and move left to right barking.

        He's got a few others that i can't remember off the top of my head. Very funny dog to say he's a character is an understatement. Though nothing he does is that difficult a trick they way he does it is different and unique.
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          very impressive! guess that's why they call 'em mans best buds =)
          one happy jeep lovin' kid