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*burp* so how is everyone!


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  • *burp* so how is everyone!

    so how is everyone?

    it's finally WARM here so i can start working outside. got a list 10' long of things to do to the heep to try and get it ready for the 'con (if i can make it)
    beer.. the cause of, and solution to.. all of life's problems. Come find me.

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    doing good here.. evil, lemme ask you something... what is with the *burp* and the *yawn* and the *blaagh* and those types of things?
    what are your plans for the jeep?

    95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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      burpage ahead.


      the *burp* is a combo of this crappy beer they have here in this state, combined w/ a 15lb brisket fresh outta my New Braunfels smoker. You guys are missing my bbq. admit it. cause i'll bring some ready for the 'con trip. Al should bring his dutch oven, i've got a few awesome recipes for that thing. Cooking with wood is so much more an artform than w/ gas.

      the *yawn* is because i'm 3 hrs ahead of you guys

      and the *blaagh* is from being under gray skies and brown/gray countryside and nothin but fatties for months.

      anything else is general apathy from being in this depressing area.

      Wellllll... plans are (in no kind of order)

      1. rework OBA bracket and reposition the fittings/filters etc.
      2. onboard shower using diesel inline preheater
      3. tuneup cause i'm gettin 9mpg (I was gettin 22 before HDR, what the hell! maybe i need a new MSD)
      4. new clutch (might be done at time of #5, or sooner if i put it off)
      5. is a combo of things all at once. SYE, NV4500, geared and locked ford HP D60's that are in my garage right now awaiting rebuilding and narrowing, for SOA and 37's
      6. fix that damn cracked windshield (i'm a lazy fawker)
      7. hard top hoist
      8. new battery
      9. more assorted stuff. (hack-n-tap SYE, 33's, and gears if I put #5 off till after the 'con in which case it will be put off till I get a stroker built.

      I've been waiting for it to get warm around here (above 45 at night) and finally getting out from under some debt to place a large tool order w/ Harbor Fruit (free shipping.. yay!), plus been really busy with work, trade shows and my book. Before I can afford some of the spendier items on the list I gotta buy a $1800 digital camera setup for my book, priorities.. priorities.

      Finally got my garage organized and all boxes unpacked (tools, stands, junk in the way)or moved to the empty upstairs room i'm using for storage this weekend. :oink:

      man. This warm weather makes me care about my jeep again! for awhile there i was getting tired of it.
      beer.. the cause of, and solution to.. all of life's problems. Come find me.


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        Dude, whhaaassssss uuuupppppppppppppp.
        1997 Jeep Wrangler