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OOPS...Gotta hate when this happens! (Kinda long story, but funny)


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  • OOPS...Gotta hate when this happens! (Kinda long story, but funny)

    Well last weekend, my brothers & their families were over our house for hte first time since moving into our house here in AZ. My one brother got a job as a salesman at the Lund Cadillac/Hummer dealership & drove a brand new H2 with a supercharger in it (500HP). Well his sons (ages 2 & 4) & my other brother's sons (ages 3 & 10) all wanted him to take the H2 out off-roading. So they all went, on the way home) to this area near our house that hasn't been developed yet (new houses to come). Well needless to say, we got a phone call from my brother telling me he was stuck & needed us to come with our truck to pull him out! Holly & I were laughing all the way to go see them!!!

    When we got there the H2 was literally facing down into concrete ditch at about a 60 deg. angle with the ass of the H2 up in the air. My brother said it was the last pass they wanted to make & all they saw was that there was a sharp drop ahead, but couldn't see how far down or that there was a concrete ditch because of the elevation change & all the brush (tumbleweeds)that covered over it.

    Well we got a tow strap out & wrapped it around the rear axle (someone stole the "D" clips off the back) & onto our trucks tow hitch. Well all we managed to do was dig 2 holes into the ground about 12" deep because the ground was basically just sand. The H2 was at such an angle that it thought it didn't have gas was empty & the oil level was starved and wouldn't start to help assist in the pull.

    Anyway, the kids were freaking out, so we drove Holly & the boys back to our house & I then went out & got 2 Jerry cans & filled them with gas. After I got back to the H2, we started filling the gas tank & of course a cop shows up. He asked if we were alright & if we needed any help (he ended up being really cool) & told us about a good towing company if we couldn't get the H2 out with the Ram 1500 in 4 low. The cop said that like 12 people called reporting a bright Yellow truck was was a fully sight to see from the street!

    Well after a bit of trying to get the H2 to start, these guys in a 3500 chevy duelly shows up. They lived right next door in a trailer park section & was watching us. They had to watch the Daytona 500 finish before they came out, LOL. Anyway, they tried to pull the H2 out with the same results as our truck, 2 bigger holes.

    Then they said they'd be right back & took-off back to their home. When they came back the had am extra tow ball assembly and another tow strap. They put the tow ball on the H2 & the strap between thir truck & the H2. Then my brother got in our truck & got infront of the 3500 duelly & hooked up our tow strap from the tow hitch to the duelly's from tow hook.

    So with me in the H2 (I was the lightest one) they pulled the H2 out with the trucks in series! It was quite a sight to see. We took photos (unfortunately with our regular camera) & I'll post them as soon as we get them (which might be some time ). After the H2 was out of the ditch, it easilly had atleast a bent frame. The hood was pushed a bit up & back toward the cabin. My brother wasn't too happy!

    Anyway, he didn't loose his job...he just has to have his car insurance company pay for the damages.

    But I guess my brother wasn't the worst in the past few weeks. A classmate of mine works at the same dealership & told me that one of the other salesman let a customer test drive a new $90,000 Escalade by himself to have the Escalade show back up on a flat bed completely stripped by a chop shop!
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    Wow, good story!


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      Ahh wheeling in construction zones, what could be better?
      Cool story I wana see the pics
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