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  • comcast cable

    this cable ROCKS! comcast has just raised their speed for normal home cable internet subscribers to 3 mbps!
    this is like 5 times faster than dsl!
    you gotta try this
    Comcast to double speeds for Internet downstream
    Broadband provider Comcast has announced that it will double downstream speeds for Utah/California residential Comcast High-Speed Internet customers.
    Downstream speeds for Comcast High-Speed Internet customers will be increased to 3Mbps from 1.5Mbps at no additional cost.
    The speed increase will be automatic and customers will not be required to download any special files or upgrade their connections. To take advantage of the new speeds, customers need only to unplug the power cord of their modem, wait 60 seconds and plug it back in.
    The doubled downstream speed allows customers to do many of the activities that they enjoy even faster. For example, if a customer purchases a CD online consisting of 15 songs, the typical download at 1.5Mbps takes about six minutes. With the increased speed of 3Mbps, the same download requires only about three minutes.
    Another specific example is a purchased feature-length movie lasting 115 minutes. It can be downloaded at 26 minutes, as opposed to the previous 52-minute standard.
    The company also recently announced that it is offering Comcast Rhapsody, an Internet jukebox service that provides subscribers with unlimited access to a library of music from all five major labels plus more than 200 independent music labels.

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    Here in Hesperia we have a hard time getting cable modems. They say we have it and then turn around and tell you, "oops" you don't :mad: :confused:

    Oh well. I guess we'll have to put up with dial up for awhile.
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      I've had Adelphia Power Link for a while; it's a good 25% faster than DSL (and I'm less than 1500 feet from the switch, so I should have DSL bandwidth coming out of my ears)...


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        Wow, we're on Verizon's slow-a55 network. Yay
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          Hey, ummm Erik!! Will Comcast Cable fix your locker!?!
          Ya Savvy?

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