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monster truck racing anyone??


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  • monster truck racing anyone??

    Anyone else here like a good monster truck race show?? I went with my girlfriend to Edison Field this past weekend and we had a blast at one. I took a bunch of video and a few pics but my stinkin camera isn't working right so i don't know if they will turn out. It was so much fun.

    One of the trucks lost it's front wheel when it came down after a jump and the wheel went spinning off into the side of the wall and created a huge hole. Another one flipped completely over and rolled. It was rad. I had so much fun i got tickets to go the the world campionship in Vegas in March.
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    Not sure of the dates, but i heard on the radio today that the Monster Truck races are coming to San Diego pretty soon.

    I usually go every year with the wife and kids. It's usually at the sports arena.

    I'll have to look further into it and get my tickets it's always a great time.
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      I love monster truck racing, but I promised myself that I would go to a NASCAR race first. I haven't been to one of those yet and there's a race track in Fontana, so go figure!! It never works out. :sad:
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        Monster Trucks ROCK!!!! I try to make it every year, probably not this one, just too busy.

        As for Nascar, Fontana is a very nice place . . . top notch!! I've been to a couple racing events there.

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          I dunno. I like the old school monster truck shows. He who gets the loudest response from the audiance, wins. I remember when there was only 3 bigfoot trucks, and all monster trucks had leaf springs. The first time I saw Bigfoot (2), Steve Kramer was to meet him (still have autographed Bigfoot poster floating around somewhere). Anyone remember USA1? Everett truck, but his driving was kind or conservative. Oh and the crap that was talked by Bob Chandler when Virginia Beach Beast beat bigfoot the first time! And then he went and built a "tank" himself.:confused:

          Of course I guess it is kinda cool to see grave digger use a pair of school busses as a ramp. You didn't see that back in the day. Hell, they never used to build ramps in front of the cars either. Nothing like Bearfoot standing up on its rear bumper, teetering for a few seconds before coming back down on top of the cars.
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            Hey guys,

            How about combining jeeping and monster trucks? Maybe monsterJeeping? hahahaha

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              oh now that is WAY COOL!
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                LOL where did you get that?!?! I always thought there should be a professional monster truck jeep of some sort.
                1997 Green TJ
                RE 3.5 SF Lift Kit w/ RS9000 shocks
                Currie AntiRock, Some KC's and
                some other goodies riding on 33's