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Jeeps mods pics!


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  • Jeeps mods pics!

    For christmas I got some jeep stuff and so did my dad.Here are some pics of the new stuff on the jeeps!

    Tummy Tucker on my dad's 99 TJ

    New rear bumper with custom mounts to the frame for more strength.Kilby gas tank skid.

    Close up on the Tummy Tucker.

    My jeep with 33's on 2 inch suspension lift and 1 inch body lift.

    Another pic of the CJ.

    Axle truss and U-bolt skids.

    My dad is so happy to have his TJ back up and running.He just finished putting in his new dana 44 with 4.88 gears,control arms,bumper,gas tank skid,and his new rubicon 4.1 transfercase.It's been 2 months of hard work,and it sure does show!
    Now he just needs to find a HP 30 for the front and get the gears and put it in and he is ready for the trail!

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    Rockin mods! Which trail are we hittin' first?!
    1986 CJ-7; 4.6L stroker, balanced & blueprinted; 5" lift, 35x1250 MTRs, Poison Spyder Full Width kit,
    My Jeep

    Moab Rocker Knocker Video:shades:


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      Rockin!! Both Jeeps are looking really good! How was the Tummy Tucker install? That looks like a nice product.
      Ya Savvy?

      Motech Performance


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        Evything was a pain in A** ecept for the Tummy
        Tucker.Mostly because I never did anything like it before. That product is schweeeet. I got the 1.25 drop. I changed so much stuff at the same time I had my fingers crossed it would all work together.


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          i have that same tummy tucker in the garage on the floor waiting :patiently: for the atlas to arive at my door. i am glad it was easy to install. how much longer did it make your driveshaft?
          sully, your jeep is really looking good too! did you inherit your dads old 33" mtr's?
          you two are set up for a nice father son rescue team!

          95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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            I did inherit his 33's.My jeep is a lowrider with these tires...I need more lift!