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Wheeling All Alone...


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  • Wheeling All Alone...

    well let me start by saying.... i know the rules, and it is something that should not be done.
    so, anyway... my wife and i set off to do a bit of wheeling so we could get to know each other again, and put some things behind us. we started off down the 15 in search of some trails that neither of us have done before. that is a pretty easy find in that area. well, we wheeled some pretty tame trails arround lake elsinore... it was pretty fun, but a lot tamer than what i usually like. we cruised up to some radio, and microwave towers in that area. on the way down we came across this guy theat had a flat tire, and his jack was not adequate enough to lift his dorango to change the tire... so i loaned him my hi lift to get the job done. that was cool... i always like to help people on the trail. (strangers or not)... so that was the end of that day of wheeling.
    saturday morning we set out to find some more wheeling... easily found some trail in the same area which had no name, and was much more serious to drive. (the kind i like) so i proceded up this VERY washed out, and pitched road that had obviously not been frequented. went up a few thousand yards and had to strattle a huge wash out to proceed.. at the end of this wash out, i slid down on the passenger side and the jeep flopped on her side rail.
    we assesed the situation, which wasnt easy to do, because to go forward would be lots more fun with the rest of the wash outs. the other option was obviously to try to back down this hill. the position the jeep was in was percarious to say the least, and this would be becky's first REAL spotting experience. so we decided to fill in some of the trench that the jeep fell into to try to level her out so she would level out as i backed down the hill. this worked flawlessly, and we were rolling a half hour was actually pretty cool (now that it is over) with alll this said.. what we got out of it was a damn good time, and a moment to work as a team.... over all a great experience. no damage, no injury, no problem
    see you at the expo!
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    wow...congrats Erik and Beck!

    Glad it all worked out ok...and yes, you should know better then to wheel alone...but alls well that ends well right?

    did you get pictures?

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      hehe i had almost the same experience a little while back, only the bottom of the washout was a 4 foot cliff going into a 4 - 5 foot deep creek. and the only real way was punching the gas backwards off the cliff and hoping that i clear enough of the creek not to get submerged. luckily it worked but those are heart stopping moments.
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        you knock one out this time?
        Ya Savvy?

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