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Wj Lift Problem


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  • Wj Lift Problem

    I recently put a "budget boost" 2" lift on my 1999 WJ. It looks great and I will now be able to upsize those wimpy stock tires.

    However, I now have the dreaded "death wobble." The front starts to shimmy when I hit small bumps and apply my brakes lightly. The brakes alone don't cause any shaking. An alignment did not help.

    I know that adding this lift changes everything in the front end. Is this wobble caused by the decentering of the whole front end because I did not put on a longer track bar, or is there an easier solution?

    Any help would be much appreciated!!!

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    i had the same problem with about the same amount of lift. we (rick) put on a new front adjustable trackbar and that's taken care of 99% of the wobble. as for the other 1%, i think the trackbar still needs to be adjusted a bit. hope that helps!
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      Just get an alignment, you dont need an adjustable trackbar with only a BB..

      $39 for an alignment and you will be set. Have em check the toe... that is what usually causes it


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        yeah, he's right - make sure you try that first. but, it wasn't a fix for me, we had to go the 'expensive route!'
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          Yes, Sarah's problem was not corrected by an alignment because the ball joint on the track bar was a little sloppy (not terrible, so I didn't think that was the problem initially). We put a basic Tera adjustable (ball joint, not heim) because we don't plan on keeping the lift forever and it was cheap. The lift is fine except for the castor, which is not terrible, the wheel still returns to center but you do notice the difference.
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            Sometimes bump-steer can be elliminated with a dropped pitman arm as well...


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              WJs have fixed length control arms so there is not much you can do for alignment except fix any toe in/out problems.

              2 inches or even Anthony's 2.5 inch BB are not supposed to cause DW problems. If you have not done it already, then get a new SS for it. OME or rancho are supposed to be the shnizzle.

              The OME can be bought online from a fellow Jeeper @ for around $60 plus shipping if you do not have a local source.

              Rule of thumb from what I have been told is , if you lift it then replace the wimpy stock steering stabilizer.

              Kevins sight has a very detailed and quality link in his tech articlez section on taking a systematic approach to curing DW.
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                With only a 2" budget boost, you do NOT need an adjustable track bar

                YOU NEED AN ALIGNMENT, when you lift a vehicle the caster and TOE gets out of whack..

                If you just go and have a basic toe and caster adjustment done to the front end, you will be dialed...