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Lift Kits.. Need help


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  • Lift Kits.. Need help

    New to this site, but looking for some help. Looking to put a 2 inch lift on my jeep. I have a 2002 Wrangler sport 6 cylinder. Looking for some advice on what kit is best to get. Also looking to throw some 31 inch tires. Any advice or Ideas. Looking for some feed back. Thanks in advance.

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    First of all, welcome aboard! Second of all, I'm going to move this thread to Short Wheelbase - Suspension to make sure you get the appropriate answer you're looking for.

    What kind of Jeeping do you want to do? How much do you want to spend? I actually have a budget boost I'll be getting rid of soon, pretty cheap.
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      Originally posted by sarah
      I actually have a budget boost I'll be getting rid of soon, pretty cheap.
      Now we know where the real motivation comes from

      Actually you can fit 31 x 9.5 without any lift and some minor rub on full lock turns.

      For a budget boost, I would go just buy some 2" coil spring spacers and some longer shocks of whatever brand you like.

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        Just looking to boost my truck up a little.. Don't do to much mudding. Not many places around here. Just love the look. Used to have a 88 wrangler with 33's and a 4 inch skyjacker lift. Beat that truck up. Looking to take it a little easier on this one. Miss the look and feel. I will do a little off roading in VA. Nothing Crazy. As for Price I'm looking for middle of the road. Don't need the best. Not going to be going crazy, but at the same time I don't want anything to cheap thats going to wear down. I also take it Snowboarding alot so looking for some tires that handle the snow well and also are ok for everyday driving. Been out of the loop for a while on products so looking for all the info I can get.


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          If I put 31 x 11 tires on the truck I guess I will definetly need the lift kit? Figured I would have to. Just making sure.


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            I used to have an Old Man Emu 2 1/2" lift that I used with 32 x 11.5 size tires. Sounds like that would give you exactly what you are looking for. It is basically longer coils and spacers with the shocks. I enjoyed the smooth ride and it was very easy to put on. No other mods were needed. Good luck in your search.


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              do you know if you have the dana 44 in the rear? it was an option that year and came with your truck if it had the 30inch tire package. that said, if you had the 30 inch tire package then the gearing would also be 3.73 which is great to run 31x10.5 tires on and no lift. i only had tire rub when my front sway bars wore out. i did that for years until i upgraded and went to 33s with a 4 inch lift. if you didnt have that option then most likely your gears are at 3.07 which may cause some problems with the larger tires. i know some of the people on the site are running 3.07s with lift, but i like my pick up :-). anyway, good luck and welcome

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                Thanks for the info.. I actualy do have the dana rear. . So it sounds like I can put 31X10.5 without a lift kit. I will check it out..