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  • 2" lift

    hey everyone,
    im planning on getting a 2" coil spacer lift for my 98 TJ. Im going to run 32x11.50s, and i found a really good deal on some rockcrawlers which are 15x10. would running a rim this wide be a problem?

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    it depends on the backspacing of the rim but in general I would say you are going to get some rub ay full turns.

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      Id try to stay with 15 x 8's. If you do any offroading, youll end up replacing it somewhere down the road. Spend the money now or spend it later.

      Good luck with your decision.

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        I have shopped 32 inch tires and notice that a lot of them come in 16 inch sizes, plus a 15x10 is to wide for the charts on a 11.5 tire. they suggest a 8. steel rims are not the most expensive, I would get the proper rim as it may be cheaper in the long run. Go to the website of the Manufacturer of the tires you want, check the sizes offered and the rim size recomended, by all means do not ask the guy selling the rims, he will sstate anything to get your money
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