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    So I am thinking about when I move to 35" tires. Among the many things I need to do, new shocks and coil spring are in the list. Why not just go with Fox Coilovers(or anyother brand of coilover)? Yeah they cost but 35s will be my stopping point so it won't be a throw away investment later. The TJ will still be a daily driver.

    Love to here everyons opinion on this one.

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    I serioulsy considered this very mod. It won't be too difficult to fit their 14" c/o's up front (assuming you are looking for ~4" of lift.....if you want more lift, you can fit the 16" c/o's with little difficulty). Keep in mind that it will be 100% custom stuff....upper and lower mounts. Watch the offset of the wheels in order to clear the coils. Remember, you will end up mounting these outboard of the frame, so you will need more clearance than your regular coils do...

    For the rear....ha! This is where I scrapped the project. There simply isn't the room you need if you stay stock width, unless you move the c/o's inboard of the frame, and up into the tub. Personally, I would not want my coils that far inboard. The option I looked at was to cut a section out of the frame to clear the c/o (would have to completely sever the frame), then build a new section of frame inboard of the coilover. You would have to re-route your fuel lines, possibly your exhuast..and again, completely custom upper and lower mounts. There may be a clearance issue with the drivers side of the rear track bar....again, custom mounts (build to fit).

    When I had it all figured up, it would cost about $2000 (retail) for the parts.

    For pre-made brackets, there is a guy over on PBB selling weld on kits for the front...but he wants ~$500....just for the brackets! No rear kits are available, last I checked. The return on investment was just not there, for me anyway.

    If you do it, let us know! I'm sure there will be some interest in how you pull it off.
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      Good info there goodtimes. Now I know why most TJ I see pics of only have coilovers in the front. I figured as much on the custom mounts and I have seen those mounts you are talking about on pbb. I agree, inboarding the rear is not the way to go. What I might end up doing is coilover in the front ( I really could use the room up there if I go with an anti-rock or even just put my sway bar back) and just standards in the rear. Of course this is all pipe dream status right now.

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        Most guys will run coilovers in the front and shocks/coils in the rear. Personally, I wouldn't run coilovers all the way around. I've been in a TJ that was four linked front and back and taking turns in that thing on the street was downright scary.

        I'd do a coilover conversion for my YJ, but it is not yet a trail only rig.

        (Sorry for bringing back an old thread.)