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Old man Emu and his steering stabilizers


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  • Old man Emu and his steering stabilizers

    It was been raning for 9 straight hours here in the suburbs of houston , so me and a fellow jeeper decided to go play in the mud. It was an eventful mud session but we were on this trails and i was behind this 40 thousand dollar YJ that was having no pull or near as bad as pull as i did when i went into those big nasty ruts. So iam ordering the old man emu steering stablizers , i like my other ARB products and of what i read these are great steering stablizers. I was just wonering if anyone else had some Old man Emu steering stablizer and if they like them.... Sorry for the long story.

    Sody Clack

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    I got the monroe on my rubicon and it's working pretty well. Can't beat that for $26 from Checker. The part # for the TJ is SC2928.
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