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Prothane Complete Polyurethane Kit


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  • Prothane Complete Polyurethane Kit

    I have a 94 YJ 4 banger and I bought the Prothane Complete Polyurethane Kit, because basically all the other suspension rubber is shot. Now for the questions:
    Anyone done this yet?
    Problems or tricks?
    Tools needed?
    Suspension should be ok to do.
    Body seems like a pain in the arse, anyone know if i have to disconnect radiator hose, steering, gas filler? Any info would be great thanks.
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    JeepGal had very unpleasant experiences with poly-U bushings. YMMV.
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      I did not use Poly. Poly comes is different quality and hardness, some like it some do not.

      As far a the body mount kit, loosen all of the mounts but leave the bolts in one side, use a piece of wood along the bottom edge of the body(to protect the sheet metal) and jack up the side with no bolts, you only need about an inch, put in the new ones, let it down and get the bolts started. Then do the other side.

      I left the bolt out of the radiator support also and replaced it while I had the second side up, I had to pry the front up a bit to get the new one in.

      I did not remove the fan or shroud, but watch it, pull it if you need to. Gas filler was fine.

      Tools, a couple common size sockets , a handy man jack or similar to lift the body.
      Mine is a CJ, but they are real similar.
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        Poly bushings for any vehicles will really improve the handling and stability, but the trade off is a very rigid and bumpy ride. Just something to consider.
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          So are there any body bushings that will work for a smoother ride? I am often told that the Hockey Pucks I have under my body are giving me a ruff ride.
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