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    Long arms are cool, and they ride nice, but I have talked to alot of people who have bent the lower long arms. Also keep in mind that many "long arm" kits do not keep a 4-link up front. They tie the upper and lowers together and basically make a nice long swing arm. You don't keep your caster curve that way (but they sure do ride nice!).
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      I understand what you're saying goodtimes. This new kit from Fabtech has a sub-frame that goes between the tranny/transfer case skid plate to provide the longer lower arm. It still uses upper and lower control arms. in the article it mentioned that Fabtech was working on a ski plate that sat higher since the subframe was sandwiched between the skid and the frame.


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        Hey you guys, quit screwing around! If you are going to spend big bucks to get a long arm system, have a look at the TJ system from Rock Krawler... Solid adjustable upper and lower arms and adjustable track bars etc... This one is bullet proof...