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Currie "ANTIROCK" Sway Bar Kit


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  • Currie "ANTIROCK" Sway Bar Kit

    I'm considering the Currie "ANTIROCK" Sway Bar (front) for my 01 TJ, anyone running this and have any recommendations either way good or bad? Any brake line recomendations also, how long, steel braided, rubber tubing, that kind of thing.

    1997 TJ hp44/hp60-a lot of goodies

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    How is the rest of your Jeep set up? Lift etc..
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      <preparing for debate>

      2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
      Rock-ItMan all the way around


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        I love my currie anti-rock, and i consider it one of my best investments. I no longet have to mess with the swaybar discos, making sure the vehicle is level etc.

        I am well aware of the debate about the anti-rock giving up a little bit of flex . i don't have any before or after measurements (wish I had thought of it beforehand hint hint if you decide to do it) However from the seat of my pants I don't see a difference in flex.

        What I do see is that the Jeep feels more stable on off camber sections. Of course the really off camber stuff still has me putting a crease in the seat, but it just feels like it is more stable when leaning.

        The other thing i have noticed is that i seem to have more downward force on the "high wheel" and a little more downward force on the "low wheel." When you look at the design of the anti-rock it uses a bar that will twist a little when you are flexing you suspension. When this occurs it will put the force of that twist into the wheel that sits higher when you are wheeling through the rocks and other off camber stuff. With the swaybar disco the downward force on the wheel comes from the spring and gravity. When you are talking wheeling, every bit of downward force on the wheel helps you gain traction.

        On road the ride is great, yes it is little more tippy than the stock sway-bar, but it really isn't that much more tippy. I don't even notice it anymore.

        Installation can be done by anyone with a set of wrenches, a set of torx sockets (#&*$% torx), and a BFH (uhhhh a really big hammer ).

        As far as your brake line questions go... If you are already disconnecting your swaybar and you aren't having any problems with brake lines etc. I don't see any reason why you would with the anti-rock.
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          Thanks for the input, mparker. Kiwi, the rest of the setup is a 4' procomp lift with procomp es 3000 shocks, 33x12.50 mt's w/15x10 street lock wheels with 3.75 back spacing. The front diff is a D30 w/4.56 r/p and ez lock, stock sway bar on now.
          1997 TJ hp44/hp60-a lot of goodies


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            I think mparker summed it up pretty well. I would never go back. In fact I like to ride in a disco'd Jeep every once in a while so I can reminisce on how bad it used to be
            I'm also an old fart and drive like a granny on the road so the on road handling doesn't concern me too much, and my junk is not a daily driver either..
            [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]2001 TJ with stuff..[/COLOR]