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Need help on lift question.


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  • Need help on lift question.

    Hey yall and thanks for the welcome. I recently bought a 95 grand and i would like to lift it. I want to run 35's and was thinkg of this kit. The 7" kit.
    Have yall heard anything good/bad about these kits. I was wondering that if i would have to buy a longer driveshaft to run the kit. I would not plan on doing any heavy offroading in it until i get a new t-case. (i have the quadra-trac) I plan on putting a 4:1 in it after taxes come in and get new drive shafts then. if i get a longer driveshaft would it work with the 4:1 rubicion t-case. Should i just wait until i have enough money to get everything and assembly it all at once? Thanks for any information.
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    I havent heard much good about Rock Krawler in the past. I think they changed hands a while back and may be doing better now, I'm not sure. The name is tarnished though.

    7 inches is alot of lift. You WILL need an slip yoke elimitator. You will also have to figure out something for the steering. Chris_L might have something better to say them me. He built one of the badder ZJ's I've seen
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      thanks for the info. Another question should i go ahead and put a np 242 t case in before i lift it b/c right now i have the quadra-trac. I have read that it is an alright t case but once you put lift on there are more vibrations comming from the front. is this a fact or just a imaginary thing. b/c i thought most jeeps front driveshafts spun whilt in two high? Oh another thing i ran across this kit
      I have read some good thing about kevin so far(rock sliders, skids, and sway bars) i was just wondering about the quality of his lift. do you really need all that extra stuff on the front and rear akles.
      Thanks for the info so far keep it comming please.
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        If you want to lift it that high and run 35's be prepared to dump lots of cash and deal with many problems. Kevin is a great guy and builds some sounds products. Also check out claytons long arm kit. To solve the problems on vibes in the front end, you will need to find a cherokee XJ front axle housing. They where high pinion from the factory and that will move your drive shaft up 3-4 inches in the front. Do not invest time and money in your stock front axle, you will have to change it eventually.
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          I was looking on your page and saw pictures of the white grand that yall had lifited. Did yall use the kit from Claytons? I noticed the square tubing and figured it was claytons or Kevin's. Has the grand been taken offroad? Did it preform as suspected and does it drive well on road? Sorry for the newb questions but i just want to get a good safe reliable kit when i decide to invest. Thanks for yalls help.
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            Just my 2c......

            I purchased a RockKrawler kit in took about 3 months to get, had crummy instructions and poorly designed parts. They had the worst customer service I had ever dealt with.........


            I called back in about mid 2003 to purchase another shock from them, they went through some type of reorganisation and let me tell you, they really got thier act together. They shipped me my new shock overnight and even supplied some new replacment parts that had been as I stated earlier, poorly designed. Tech support was awsome and they were supper friendly. I think the complaints got them on the ball and they fired a bunch of the jerks that were working for them. I have ordered stuff from them since and they vhave been consistant and friendly.

            As for lifting as high as you want to go, the folks on this board have it's going to be mod heavy and make your wallet lighter. You will definetly need the slip yoke eliminator and probably a new front drive shaft.

            I suggest Woody's Driveshafts
            High quality, low price and fast shipping.

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              Point your browser towards to get the best tech on lifts for a Grand Cherokee. Also is a site that the more hardcore guys e-hang at. Both sites have a buttload of info on what to do to get 35s under the dub. Best part it will be info coming from real Grand owners.

              Just enter the sites with a thick skin. NAGCA has a PG filter but Mallcrawlin does not. Mods at MC have been known to get into a full out pissin match.
              It's a Jeep thing, my wife doesn't understand.