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can i add coil spacers?


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  • can i add coil spacers?

    i have a 00' jeep wrangler tj with a 4inch teraflex suspension kit, though i want my suspension to be a little higher. is it possible to add 1.5" te coilspacers, without having to make new adjustments, or will i have to extend anything or buy anything new? will it make my ride worse? i just want to have the extra clearance.
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    You can add them, but it will have adverse effects on your ride and handling. You will need to get the jeep aligned as it will increase your toe-in and will make slight changes to your caster angle. Your rear pinion will have to be rotated up a little more (assuming you have a CV driveshaft, if you don't, you will need one). The control arms may not have enough adjustment to get your pinion angle where it needs to be, so you may have to add adjustable lower arms to get the pinion angle correct. And of course, your ride will be rougher, and you will experience "jacking" much easier than before. Oh, your shocks may not be the right length either.....

    Another option to get an additional 1.5" of clearance would be to add a 1.5" body lift, 1.5" motor mount lift, and a belly up pan.
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      Why do you need the extra height? Is is tire clearance? If so I'd do what goodtimes has suggested, it will be more successful. I went with 1.25 spacers on top of 4 inch springs, and am taking them off and going with the body, mm lifts and flat skid.
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