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  • Some coilover advice

    So I out boarded the rear of my jeep and stretched it about 9 inches. I'm running King 2.0 14" travel dual rate coil overs. Per GenRight's instructions I allowed for 27-28" of distance from eye to eye allowing me 4.5 to 5" of up travel on the shock...Ben at Crawlpedia/filtymotorsports as well as a member here said to try 150/150 rate springs 1st. Well here is my issue:
    When I have the shocks fully extended I set the preload to 0 w/adjuster I have about 2" or so of thread showing on top of the shock. When I install it on the jeep it'll sit 2" TO HIGH & my up travel is WAY to much. I'll have about 7.5" of up travel. The jeep rides WAY to high with 0 preload. When I set the preload adj to where I want the vehicle to ride at, the preload is very much a negative pre load. It also rides to soft regardless due to the spring rates.
    My TJ has a 40 lb flush bumper in the rear, basically stock cage, GenRight steel corners, no gas tank (cell inside) no back seat. Basically it's a light TJ in the rear. If I run longer springs to allow for preload at full extension will that make my vehicle ride taller? Also If I run stiffer springs, I'm thinking 150/250 will that make my jeep ride taller?
    I want 4.5 to 5" of up and 9 down to maintain the 27 - 28" of eye to eye..... Any advice guys?
    Ben at filthymotorsports is on vacation for 2 wks & it's driving me crazy waiting for advice.
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    HMM... pretty dead forum...... Well anyways, I spoke with Ben over at FilthyMotorSports and it looks like we got it figured out. Since my TJ is so light in the rear because I moved the coils nearly all the way back and the front is stock location, no tire carrier, no spare, no gas tank or skid and a light rear bumper, I need to run a triple rate spring instead of the 150/150 dual set up. Going to try 100/100(tender spring)/150, set for a 3 1/2 lift and can add positive preload of an inch to inch and a 1/2.

    nearly 200 views and no advice... Not even uneducated ones... :/
    1st batch TJ bought August of 96. Locked and Loaded!


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      Well... If you want uneducated advice... When you set your top eye height did you have the frame at your desired ride height? How high are your lower eyes above the axle tube? You realistically only need them as high off the tube as necessary to allow full range of travel on the lower eye. Also, did you go to a larger axle tube? Any increase in diameter will also add to the lower eye height.

      When I set up my front I set the frame on jackstands and set the axle under it on stands at the loaded height. I then measured the fully extended eye-to-eye distance and subtracted 7" to establish the down travel that I wanted. I set the top eye at this height and welded the hoops in. The height was spot on with 4" of preload (waaay more than I wanted) with 100/250 (71.42 initial rate).

      Seeing that your 150/150 is so high with zero preload, is it possible that the upper eyes are too low?
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        Thanks for posting up your opinion..
        The vehicle was at ride height and the eyes are set for 27 to 28" with 4 to 5" of shaft showing. When I got it all together and lowered it on the vehicles weight my heart SUNK. It was WAY to much shaft showing and WAY to much lift at 0 preload on the springs. I was nauseous.
        I, for the most part was basing my build off other vehicles and you can't do that entirely. The other vehicles simply weighed more. I also didn't take in to account that by moving the coil overs only 7" from the back of the bumper ( my 37's tires now ride at the rear bumper) it causes the weight distribution to shift away from the rear and to the front making it MUCH lighter. I was doing stock location math and thanks to Ben, he clarified it very very well.
        I'm getting the new springs next week and will post up..
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          Well it's been a bit since I posted up and I got it figured out. The weight displacement was the issue. As you move the rear wheels back you move the weight of the vehicle fwd thus making the rear much lighter. I added about 230 lbs of tire/carrier/cargo box/etc and it's PERFECT. I stuck w/the 150/150 dual spring and will be sending back the triple set up for a full refund....Certainly was a learning experience.
          1st batch TJ bought August of 96. Locked and Loaded!