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Suspension/Steering Tuner close to Chatsworth (San Fernando Valley Area)


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  • TJ: Suspension/Steering Tuner close to Chatsworth (San Fernando Valley Area)

    Hello there. It's been a while since I've been around . . . held onto my Jeep but have been obsessed with riding dirt bikes for the last few years!!! I'm going to be moving up to the Kernville area in a couple of months and will be using the Jeep a lot more and want it dialed in before I move. All of my components are adjustable (control arms, track bars, etc) so I'd like to get it to someone that knows TJ suspensions/steering that can dial everything in correctly, alignment, toe in, etc. I think I may need a few things like new springs (rear is sagging on the passenger side), maybe a new bushing in the track bars and longer front brake lines would be a good idea too. I'm in Chatsworth. Any suggestions?

    06 TJ Rubicon on 33s, w/ a 4" lift, Full Traction springs/shocks/front adjustable track bar, Rubicon Express rear adjustable track bar/bracket, Currie JJ upper & lower control arms. Woody Drive Shafts.
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    Welcome back Schmo! You should chat with RAT, our friend Kurt (used to be Rat Patrol). He has a new shop up in the high desert and can probably help you with all of the things that you need.

    PM him at RAT on MJR and see if he can help.

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      Hey Joe. Long time no see. Hows Turbo? Like Mike said I have a shop in Pinon Hills just for offroad. If you want to give me a call I'll be glad to help you. I can come pick up your jeep too. No problem. Call me. 5622441414.
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        Thanks guys . . . good to see the old gang is still around!!! I hope you guys are doing well. Turbo is doing great . . . he turned 11 on Veteran's Day . . . man time flies! Thanks for the offer RAT . . . I was really hoping to find somebody like you that knows Jeeps that could really dial everything in vs. just taking it to a shop that doesn't specialize in Jeeps. I'll shoot you a PM with some of the things I think I need done and will give you a call this week to figure out the details
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