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Shackle Reversal/ Buggy Springs?


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  • Shackle Reversal/ Buggy Springs?

    i am looking into do ing the shackle reversal on my jeep now.... since moving up the other 1/2" that the re springs gave me, i am now getting a bit of darting on the road.. this is what the shackle reversal is said to eliminate, so.. i'll give it a try.
    now, i have a couple of these in mind. the more stuff looks good, and i have liked their parts in the past.
    they have one with buggy springs, which will allow for a bit more droop.

    with these buggy springs, however.. i am wondering how the on road characteristics will change, if at all.
    anyone that has used these please chime in.

    the other method is without the buggy springs.

    anyone familiar with tis one, please chime in
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    I haven't installed mine yet, but after talking to you I'm going to set my CJ7 up for both ways. That way if I break a buggy spring on the trail I still will be able to setup for the old shackle backup.

    The CJ Kit came with a box bracket that the buggy spring mounts to; I don't see it in the photo?

    As far as over the road ride, I was going to fab some style of a lock out. Arm swings down and a pin to hold the buggy spring in place? :confused: Any thoughts
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      I helped my buddy install a weld-on set on his YJ last year. He used the RE 4.5" XD springs.

      LOTS of other issues came up after his SRS was in. He has to lengthen his front drive shaft, his track bar no longer worked so he had to get a telescoping one, his steering stabilizer no longer fit so he had to get a new one and make some mods to it and some other smaller issues arouse along the way.

      All in all it was more of a hassle then it was worth. (IMHO anyhow). He does get nice flex on the front, but it's nothing outstanding that justified the $800 it cost him when it was all said and done. He is still tweaking in his steering, he's currently looking at hyraulic-assist as an option.

      When we first installed it and took it for a test drive it has the worst death wobble i've ever experienced to the point that slowing down wouldn't even cure it the Jeep has to come to a complete stop.....not very fun on the highway.

      Found a picture that shows a decent shot of his set-up, sorry it's so big.
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