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Shocks- best brand and where to buy?


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  • Shocks- best brand and where to buy?

    Well for the 5th time on one side I ripped off one of the lower shock mounts in the rear. Bummer is that I kept going without taking it off- read; really stupid- and bent the shock so it is wasted. These shocks are old as dirt so it's not really that much of a loss. However, money is tight so I gotta be economical and I figure I might as well get a whole new set as long as it doesn't crush me financially.

    Also, I need some longer travel ones as that is why I can't get as much droop as I'd like in the front in particular- almost rolled yesterday for the lack of this.

    So, what are the opinions? I had Rancho RS5000s (yes, they are that old) and the other 3 depsite being bashed to hell still damp pretty darn good. What are the thoughts on Explorer Pro Comp? Bilsteins are too much $$$.

    Finally, where should I get them? 4Wheel Parts has a pretty good sale going on now, but am not sure where else.

    Thanks for the input,

    '95 YJ getting to have more damage than mods- is this a good thing?
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    You can check out KB Offroad for sure -- I don't know much about shocks but I'm sure they can answer any questions you might have. Support them if you can, they help keep this site running!
    Thanks KB!
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      I've been running the Explore ProComp ES3000 shocks. They feel pretty good on the highway, unfortunately, I'm not sure about offroad (haven't had a chance to test em).
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