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Best shock for around $100


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  • Best shock for around $100

    I have a 96 XJ with the OME on her right now, over the weekend, I went off roading in the desert and after about 4-5 hours they were done. (heat build-up)
    Now I'm not bashing OME, in fact I love the ride it gives me, but I just don't think they can take the punishment of the desert.

    Now I'm looking at replacing them and was wondering what everybody is using or would use. I've been looking at the Bilstein 5150 and my price is about $400 for all 4.
    Now my XJ is a daily driver and would love to have a nice smooth ride too so please remember that too.
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    I had Doetsch shocks on my XJ and liked them. They have a good ride and a decent amount of travel. Most people like Ranchos, but I feel that, even on the lowest setting, they are too stiff. I have OME on my TJ and havent had any problems with them. Contact OME and see if they have any ideas as to why the shocks took a dump. Good Luck!

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      I like the ranchos, and on my little old CJ, I think the lowest setting is soft enough, sometimes too soft.

      Don't forget, if you are looking for inexpensive, I believe it's till the end of the month, if you buy 3 rancho shocks you get the 4th for free.

      Hope this helps