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suspension quirks!


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  • suspension quirks!

    something strange happened on the calico run with my suspension.

    in this first pic you see dukes69 getting some major flex with his jeep. [looking good!]
    i followed him up the rock. as i went up, things were feeling good... it was climbing, and flexing nicely. then at the top of the rock, the driver front spring unloaded!

    this very nearly sent me over onto my side! as you can see in the pics, there is seemingly NO flex, and i dont think there is another inch before she flops!
    what do you think? is it my pro comp springs having a bad spring rate? just over all bad springs? is the rock somply too damn big for a yj? [NOT!]
    any suggestions are appreciated.
    spring over in the front? buggy springs? what is the fix for this?hmmm?
    would some re springs alone remedy this?
    by the way... the rock is over 4' tall.

    95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!

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    Change to the RE springs. Everyone that I have talked to really likes them. Great flex for leafs.
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      Can't see much from the pictures as far as what your front suspension is or isn't doing...

      longer travel shocks? better leaf springs? SRS? telescoping tracbar? springover?

      all of the above or any combo could help your front flex.

      I get pretty good flex running the RE 4.5 springs alone. I have a friend running the same lift as me, but he has a SRS and telescoping tracbar and his flex in the front is way better then mine. For a SUA i think his flex is just as good probably better then a SOA to tell you the truth.

      Here's a flex pic of his jeep:

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        i think the re springs is where i'm leaning. i like the soa flex, but the steering geometry is an issue for me..[i think] i know for sure that the way it acted on that rock was unacceptable.

        95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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          Springs are too hard? Call pro comp and ask what their spring rate is, then call RE and see what they have. Its not a shock issue, we know those flex nice.
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            Eric we got the pictures developed from that rock, Rose dosnt do digital yet. Anyways we have the before picture, when your yeep is flexed out like you would expect (still not stuffed) and then the no flex pics that you show here. Sumpins wrong! I'l l try to scan them.


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              well, the re springs are on their way.
              i am still thinking of some other things to make it flex better, and considering the shackle reversal, and 3/4 elliptical set up in the back. BUT for that, i'd have to eliminate the 2" body lift. i have to see if there is enough room for the atlas and the york to drop down an inch or 2.
              opinions are always welcomw
              the 3/4 elliptical, and shackle reversal both add about 2.5" of lift, so they make a good combo together.
              with just the re springs that would give me 7" of lift, which would be just about perfect. [with no body lift]
              maybe 8" would be ok too... but i think 9" is too much.:confused:

              95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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                I personaly dont like 3/4 elliptical set-ups, go with coil-overs to do it right. Fully triangulated uppers and lowers with JonnyJoints.

                SRS systems work ok, not much to improve flex though. They give you much better ride on washboard roads however. If you decide to build your own SRS system (thats what I would do) try and get the front of the leafs up as close as you can to the frame for some really good approch angle, at the same time you can push your axle forward a few inches for a better wheel base using some off-set center pin springs...maybe some waggy 44044' SOA.

                I would recome you get some new shackles to go with your new RE springs. I notced your still running the factory ones. Get some from Currie that are greaseable, I belive RE also sells them.

                When you get your new springs remove your shocks and flex it out, the measure it to see if you will need new ones. Im pretty sure you will if your running the shocks that came with your ProComp kit, they wont be long enough.
                89' XJ, lifted, locked, exo caged.


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                  I run A SOA set up with stock wrangler springs with one extra main leaf in the pack and revolers shackles in the front, also 2" body lift. in the front full drop with the revolers open is like 32" from the top shock mount to the bottom. In the rear I had to use a 2" lift block with the flat wrangler springs, I dont like the idea of useing the blocks( I just cracked both on the easter run) I just swapped in a set of springs out of an Issuzi truck they made up the difference to run with no lift block. they seam to flex well but haven't fully tested them.
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