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  • revolver shackles

    To run or not to run on the YJ, that is the question.
    Okay, first the background on the suspension. the front is SOA with some
    home grown leaf springs (2.5" of lift) and I modified the fixed end under
    the Jeep to give it only 1.5" of lift instead. Tow shackles up front with
    slick rock replacement spring hangers, and some Rancho 5012's (thanks Bob).

    The rear I moved the shackle to below the frame ala' CJ style. I'm running
    4" lift springs SUA, and plan to put another leaf in the pack to make it sit
    more level with the new rear axle going in. Shocks aren't upgraded yet, but
    that's happening with the new rear end.

    Now I have a set of MORE 3/8" lift boomerang shackles, and some Tera
    Revolver shackles at the house. Just thinking about which shackles I want
    to put on the Jeep.
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    Although this merely represents an N of 1, I have only seen one set of revolver shackles in real life use. This fellow in a Revolver'ed YJ was trailing behind us on John Bull and asked to join us.

    Well, the Missus and I were up ahead and high centered on our rear driveshaft . The last jeep in the party was having problems with a finicky carb and had to be escorted down. As the bad carb was being alternately driven and towed down the trail, the YJ with the Revolver shackles had broken down. The arm that attaches to the "knee joint" in the shackle had shorn off.

    Very bad indeed. My friend offered to help out and suggested that he attach the spring directly to the crossbolt that holds in the "knee". Well, the YJ owner thanked my buddy for the help and told him to tend to us and our little clearance problem.

    Well, he caught up with us at the end of the trail with the fix mentioned above. Apparently he had spent 30-40 minutes wrestling and cussing with the spring to get the holes to line up. He finally ended up using his winch and a snatch block to get everything just so.

    So, it's a weird story, but I am a firm believer in minimizing any moving parts. K.I.S.S.
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    2003 TJ Rubicon: 4.5" OME coils; RE SF2; NthDegree TT/oilpan skid/shock shifters; FXD rock rails; Anti-Rock; 5150'


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      Check with PRegner. He runs revolvers on the back end of his '59 Willys pickup. Granted, its a long wheelbase, but its still a spring-over with revolvers.
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      '98 wrangler 4" superlift rockrunner kit, adjustable trackbar, 33's, rear EZlocker,
      and Kargomaster rack.