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  • Pitman Arms CJ YJ XJ

    Ok I am work on pieces parts CJ.

    I have an XJ box in a 1980 CJ.

    What are the differences in the CJ XJ YJ pitman arms? Angles? Blind splines? The XJ arm appears to be shorter.

    1956 Willys Wagon restomod

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    the splines are a non-issue. if they are incorrect, just thread a hacksaw blade through the opening and saw a groove into the blank spots. it only takes a few min to do them all.
    the XJ steering box uses different lines and it has a smaller input shaft than the CJ box. The later model XJ boxes also only have 3 mounting tabs on them vice the 4 that a CJ NEEDS.
    1. you can have lines made to fit you application so thats not a problem.
    2. the input shaft.. get a steering shaft from an XJ and use the bottom half joined to the top half of the CJ shaft. This will give you a small u-joint rather than the crappy bell joint CJ's use (just like flaming river, but free)
    3. I hope you have a box with 4 tabs.
    It's not what you have. it's what you do with what you have.