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  • air noise

    I have written in the past with the question of where is my air noise coming
    from. After alot of elimination I have an idea that the wind noise could be coming through the side windshield channel but I'm not sure because I don't know how that is mounted onto the side windshield. The noise does seem to be coming from the two top corners of the jeep Thanks again for any suggestions Edward A Knibbs

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    Out of all the jeep forums I've been on I have to say this is the least
    responsive one. I have posted two topics on this site and both times have
    received no answers at all. But on the other sites I received immediate
    answers. Even over time I still get nothing on this site. You guys have to get more active.Thanks for listening any way.


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      Well, I decided not to post my answer to you, mostly because it wansnt nice. But since you want answers, here you go:

      Its a Jeep, get over it. If you want a car like ride, handling, noise/wind level, buy a car.

      Now, if you really want a Jeep, you need to either learn how to figure stuff out (even by yourself sometimes), or become good friends with the dealer, because if the wind noise bothers you now, just wait til it gets older.

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        i had some wind noise too.. i fixed mine with some cardboard, and duct tape. it has been great for a couple of months. i'll bet if i put another coat of tape on there it would last a lot longer.....

        just a suggestion.

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          It's nearly impossible to diagnose air noise on a forum without a buttload of more information. It's like asking why your jeep rides so rough. I had a '95 Wrangler and I got air noise on my top no matter what I did. Every fix caused a leak somewhere else. Wranglers are notorious for it. My 2002 had a leak when I drove it off the dealer's lot.

          Don't bash the forum because no one replied to your questions. Sometimes (as in Dukes case) they don't reply because the question assumes a Jeep should be quiet and comfy and they don't have a warm fuzzy reply for you. Sometimes it's just because they don't have an answer and they don't want to talk out their ass.
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            Originally posted by aston
            Go 4 wheelin' - I get virtually zero wind noise in low ratio
            The Nana.

            Last edited by aston : 10-20-05 at 05:57 PM. Reason: none: it was perfect first time
            Hey Come on Now, this was a great reply: full of insight and wisdom
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              JD Power survey - report 07 May 2003

              Hummer owners, ranked the SUV last in the latest JD Power initial quality survey, according to Reuters. In the survey of consumers during the first 90 days of ownership, General Motors’ highly profitable Hummer brand had 225 complaints per 100 vehicles. The two most frequently cited complaints were excessive wind noise and fuel consumption.
              "your jeep looks so hot!!"