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Advice on this 98' XJ to buy


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  • Advice on this 98' XJ to buy

    Ok looking at a XJ Sport w/ 134,000 miles, 4x4, auto, black, has a power sunroof that does not open, a rear window that does not move along with its window button missing, the driver's side window makes werid noises when going down all the way or up all the way,windshield needs replacing, convertor rattles, seems a little bit wet around oil pan and diff.... anyhow those are the major problems I have in mind, other stuff are little things, but this is for a price of $3,150. What do you guys think? Is this a good buy?

    How hard would it be to fix a power sunroof, to fix if it leaks?
    How hard to fix those two windows?
    Anything else to look for?


    98' XJ Sport, K&N filter, 174,xxx miles

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    Sounds like a good price. The leak is probably the rear main seal, thats not too terrible to replace. I'm not sure about the window or sunroof. What does the engine oil/ tranny fluid look like and smell like? does the owner have records? the I6 can last along time when properly maintained. If it was cared for, it probably has another 130k + in it.
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      The trans fluid was red and did not really appear to smell and the oil level was at proper level and not too dark. Did not check on records he got it from a chrysler auction.
      98' XJ Sport, K&N filter, 174,xxx miles


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        That is alot of things wrong with it...just think about the future. make sure you know/can fix what is wrong with it otherwise seems pretty good.
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          You know I decided to buy another 98 sport for a bit more money, 115,000 miles for 3600, the window lock seems to be bad and the convertor rattles but thats it as i can see.
          98' XJ Sport, K&N filter, 174,xxx miles