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motorcraft carb question


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  • motorcraft carb question

    ok i have a motorcraft carb...and base plate...

    a few questions about this...

    i'm not to knowledgeable about carbs so you may have to dumb down your answers...or you will create more questions...

    first is i don;t know what people mean when they talk about changin power valves...and if i understand correctly you have to change them to get it to work at certain pressures?

    if so how do you figure out what ones you will need...

    second...the cable...i see people cutting and modifying the linkage...why not just buy a throttle cable from lokar?it seems alot easier...maybe not cheaper...

    i think that is all for now...i will more than likely have more later thoguh...

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    if it becomes a real hassle, throw it away like i did mine. i have a stock carb on ebay as well as a holley, which is similar to the mc. worth a look in the for sale section unless you are hell bent against the stock carb.

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      It is actually a pretty good carb for the price. The power valve comes in the rebuild kit. It is not adjustable as far as I can tell. As for the cable, I just added the 3 inch extension on to the carb and hooked up my existing cable and it works fine. If I were you I would not go back to the stock one. The difference in power on mine is very noticeabe over the stock one. Make sure you spend a little extra attention on making sure the carb is sealed properly to the manifold. Some people have problems with leaks in this area. Good luck
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        i understand it solves a few problems with idling and such things...and i hate this carb...and the power is also a plus of course...thanks...